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John Nolan

                Updated 4th May 2018


                     07714 32 22 52


         Hello, it's me, The antiquesman.

              Welcome to my website.

      Bringing the more interesting items to


           I will do my best to answer questions about antiques  

                                  and offer free valuations.

     here we eat, sleep, and talk antiques,

                        PLEASE NOTE

     CHINA-SEARCH & pottery ORDERS 

                NOW -only by phone. 

            antique enquires only by

                   personal email


           TWITTER - @theantiquesman


                  01704 540808 office - auction & sales hot line

                             01704 538329 shop and showroom

please only use my personal email for any email correspondence.

                                              thank you


                         Hi, hello again, and welcome to theantiquesman web site.

People always ask me " why do you have a photograph with you holding Punch."

                    the answer   "THERE IS NO SHOW WITHOUT PUNCH."

                                 SO LETS GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD.

I HAVE UP TO 90,000 items CONSIGNED and in stock, all items are discounted and can be delivered to your home or shop or even your office tomorrow or you can collect  from Southport, Merseyside, England or most motorway service stations.................. we are open 7 days a week. MAKE A BID ON ANY ITEM.

Furniture - after purchase, we can meet you and you can collect from any motorway service station at any given time.

I also offer free valuations and chat about antiques on the WEB SITE.

            for 4,000,000 views so far. some threads we have had 250,000 hits.

                                           look forward to hearing from you



                A very special welcome to you and the people of your Town.

                       I am John Nolan and I am known as theantiquesman

As a play, a film, the circus comes to town -  

 Now comes my buying machine and my  AUCTION SALE to your town

I am now listing and taking consignments for my latest SUMMER auction and Sale.

Fine Arts JULY Auction  2018 - and on line

International Antique Sale  JULY 2018- Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

 First, I will inform you of my address here in England and my phone number.

John Nolan,


8, Portland Street, Southport, Merseyside 


England, UK .

 My personal number 07714 32 22 52

Auction - office ................... Tel. 01144 (0)1704 540808.

Retail / showroom  ............ Tel. 01144 (0)1704 538329

 Overseas International telephone (44) 1704 540808 or (44) 1704 538329

 for my British and European customers. Now you have a friend in the antique Trade  

I get so annoyed  and depressed by Internet firms hiding behind a web name, not revealing anything about themselves. Not the owner, Not their address, nor their phone number.

I also have my own forum on

GOOGLE............. theantiquesman southport or Google Images.

Google john nolan antiques and click on the IMAGES some interesting pictures/ stories

Google black book on tour southport. Some very interesting people.

free valuations or visit the shop at 8, Portland Street. Southport

If you want to express an opinion or want a FREE valuation, or just chat about antiques just register and click on ANTIQUES on the left side of the home page and then log in at  town name SOUTHPORT and send me a PM (personal message)

 Any of the items on this site can be bought right now and in your house or your shop tomorrow. Don't log in and don't register. Save time. Its easy, quick, safe and honest. You can telephone call 07714 32 22 52 and offer a bid. I promise I will not be upset if you offer is too low or too little or too much.

CHINA SEARCH or as we say CHINA SEARCHING................... 

as there are so many pattens, designs, shapes, and makers. It is best to phone to discuss your needs.

Just  RING  my mobile  07714 32 22 52 between 9am to 7pm British Time, any day.

Prices shown on the site are just a guide price. Just click and browse through the products and search for your item. Though the site covers some of my ever changing stock, not all items are listed. I am updating every day. If you cannot find an item, just send me an E-mail or better still ring me. 01704 540808

If you are an international trade buyer you can buy the items off the site and when you are next in England inspect and check the items out and only then pay for them. I will store them free and even pack and ship them to you. I cannot be fairer than that. Now that is a good deal, THAT IS THE REAL DEAL, and don't forget you can visit my two warehouses or visit me at my show room at 8 Portland Street, Southport. PR8 1JU

The kettle is always on, and we make a wonderfull cup of tea or coffee.

"AUCTION SALE coming to town"............ log on to my auction section in the right hand box of home page.

Now taking items on consignment for AUCTION taking place in Atlanta Ga. USA and in England 2017

NO COMMISION charge on items with no reserve. 

YES......... we do NOT charge a commission to you on all items that is free of reserve.


BY THE WAY,  IN THE PHOTOGRAPH .................


"There is no show with out PUNCH"

CLICK BELOW...................GIVE WAY TO VANS 

 Auction - office ................... Tel. 01144 01704 540808.

Retail / showroom  ............ Tel. 01144 01704 538329

Mobile/cell phone  .............. Tel. 01144 07714 32 22 52


Mobile/cell phone  .............. Tel. 01144 (0)7714 32 22 52


07714 32 22 52 personal mobile phone

In the van